A-Skill V

[edit] Skills List

This is a list of all the A-Skill V Skills available in the game, and the requirements (if any):

Skill Name Learnt By AP Req Skill Req #1 Skill Req #2 Skill Req #3 Skill Req #4 Break Type Range Combo
Burst Down Break
Impact Crash Judas Slash Lvl. 9 Triple Slash Lvl. 9 Raging Sword Lvl. 9 Force Break Lvl. 8 Down
Square Cross Meu 20 AP X-Edge Lvl. 6 Vorpal Buster Lvl. 5 Rip & Tear Lvl. 5 Break AttackRange 49.png 9 0 0 0 800
Lunar Blossom Miko Aiba Triple Thrust Lvl. 6 Spring Thrust Lvl. 6 Renki Ressho Lvl. 5 Moonlight Edge Lvl. 5 Burst
Returning Day-dream Troy Cross Slash Lvl. 6 Contra Cross Slash Lvl. 6 Blade Illusion Lvl. 6 Burst
Null Form York Neely 20 AP Shimmering Flame Lvl. 6 Foxfire Lvl. 5 Cloud Form Lvl. 5 Break AttackRange 27.png 5 0 0 0 800

[edit] Branch Combos

By combining certain skills, you can create a magnificant Branch Combos, these involve all characters that were used to create the branch combos and are more powerful than the skills on their own. Below you'll find a list of all the Branch Combo's that uses A-Skill V skills. For more details such as power, click on the Branch Combo name, and take a look at the Arcane Tome section for a list of all Branch Combo's.

Combination Name Type Break Type Range Combo Count Magic Combo Burst Down Break
Annihilation Sphere AtkRank V Burst AttackRange 67.png 42 0 300 0 585
Fanatic Rave AtkRank VI Burst AttackRange 85.png 88 0 350 0 750
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