Active Skills

[edit] Active Skills

In Order in the Game

Number Ability Function Converts from
1 Sleep Resist Resistance to sleep up. Sleep Guard
2 Poison Resist Resistance to poison up. Poison Guard
3 Paralyze Resist Resistance to paralysis up. Paralyse Guard
4 Death Resist Resistance to death suddenly up. Holy Symbol
5 Blind Resist Resistance to blindness up. Blind Guard
6 Sleep Resist+ Resistance to sleep up greatly. Dream Hazard
7 Poison Resist+ Resistance to poison up greatly. Marine Rouge
8 Paralyze Resist+ Resistance to paralysis up greatly. Red Savage
9 Death Resist+ Resistance to death suddenly up greatly. Moon Guard
10 Blind Resist+ Resistance to blindness up greatly. Guard Frame
11 Hp Up Maximum HP up. White Frame
12 Hp Up+ Maximum HP up greatly. Black Frame
13 Magic Up Magic Up. Force Frame
14 Magic Up+ Magic Up greatly. Sylph's Tear
15 Magic Defense Up Magic Defense Up. Resist Frame
16 Magic Defense Up+ Magic Defense up greatly. Chaos Frame
17 Status Resist Resistatance to all negative effect up. Oboro
18 Status Resist Resistance to all negative effect up greatly. Heaven Killer
19 Accuracy Up Accuracy up. Hawkeye
20 Evasion Up Evasion up. Sharp Sense
21 Accuracy Up+ Accuracy up greatly. Clairvoyance
22 Evasion Up+ Evasion up greatly. Beast Sense
23 HP Recovery 5% HP recovers by 5% each turn. Samson's Ring
24 HP Recovery 10% HP recovers by 10% each turn. Aura Ring
25 HP Recovery 15% HP recovers by 15% each turn. Prometheus Ring
26 AP Recovery AP recovery rate up. Spiritual Charm
27 AP Recovery+ AP recovery rate up greatly. Soulpower Ring
28 AP Recovery++ AP recovery rate up immensely. Hermes Ring
29 Cut Costs Spend less AP when shifting. Feather Ring
30 Cut Costs+ Spend less AP when shifting greatly. Double Feather
31 Cut Costs++ Spend less AP when shifting immensely. Triple Feather
32 Critical Probability of critical hits up. Three Stars
33 Counter Counter enemy attacks. Triguard
34 Drop Rate Up Probability of monsters dropping items up. Lucky Talisman
35 HP Drain Protect Nullify HP-draining skills. Magic Frame
36 HP Break Nullify Nullify HP-Breaking skills (direct dommage to HP). Misty Guard
32 ?? ???
38 Float Nullify certain skills and shift without spending AP. Floating Stone
39 Initiative More likely to attack first. Stone Ring
40 Initiative+ Much more likely to attack first. Protection Ring
41 AP Up Maximum AP up. Angel Wings
42 Action Protect Nullify incapacitating skills. Angel Halo
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