Battle System

A complicated, yet intricate battle system is what you'll find whilst playing Cross Edge. This page will explain how the battle system works, as well as give you tips where possible. Much of this information is courtesy of the official website.


[edit] Character Selection

There are no characters that you MUST use in your group to beat the game, but all characters are categorized into the Vanguard, Midfielder, and Rear types. If you do not take advantage of these characteristics, you will be at a great disadvantage in battle, depending on the enemies' formations. Also, which side will take the initiative is decided by the sum of all fighting members' AGI and remaining AP. So even if you always choose characters with high HP, you will be at a disadvantage if their AP is low.

[edit] Beginning Game Tips

At the beginning of the game, you should keep Aurica, who can heal allies, among your fighting members. When you're fighting many enemies at once, she should frequently heal others until the other fighting members kill most of the enemies, and at the end you can switch her for an attacking-type member and crush them.

Of course, you could also rely on healing items instead of Aurica's skills. Especially in the very beginning, when she can't use too many skills, so you may want to choose fighting members based on who can do branch combos together.

If you use branch combos as your main attack method, it is effective to think of the relationships between the combo attackers. After the middle part of the game, you will have more varieties of branch combos. So if you have leeway, it is not a bad idea to train all characters you have in your group.

[edit] Skills

[edit] Learning Skills

All skills are categorized into regular skills and extra skills (EX Skills). Ones you can set in slots are regular skills, and all EX skills are assigned to certain buttons when they are acquired.

To learn a new regular skill, you have to gain experience points using the regular skills already available. For that reason, it is more effective to use all skills you have equally, rather than repeatedly using just one skill. EX skills will be acquired when the character's level goes up.

[edit] Setting Skills

You will be able to use skills you have learned by setting them in your weapon [slots]. There are at most four slots per weapon, and each slot has a [category]. Therefore, you cannot set two skills of the same category at once. There are three categories:

  1. Down
  2. Burst
  3. Normal

Each weapon can have a combination of these, as well as a [all] type of slot, which is open to any skill of any category. If you cannot set a skill you have learned in an empty slot, check its category conflict.

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