Brooste 2


[edit] Details

[edit] Tablets

There are a number tablets located in every world. These tablets more often than not block your path and can only be removed by viewing certain Events (more on this below). Below is a list of the tablets, as well as the contents of the tablets. Note that the final tablet in each area will not disappear, and will allow you to see how many souls you have gotten in an area and how many there are.

[edit] Fragments of Memory

    Now you'll see the full effect of releasing the Souls. Be mindful of your allies' condition.
    Disappearing Event: Santo Geani, the Companion

[edit] Impnell News Report

    Bolan Bushnell reporting from a quiet residential district, where a mysterious performer has appeared. Eyewitness claim to have seen a group dressed in penguin costumes practicing circus-like tricks. They were heard to say things like,
    Disappearing Event: The Peppy Incident

[edit] Voice of a Genius

    This is no chance disappearance. People don't just vanish into thin air!
    -Degeneri Kanumare, inventor and solver of the Peppy Incident

[edit] Events

There are numerous events that can be found and viewed in this world. Many of these requirements have pre-requisites, whether it's having a certain Search Level or having seen another Event. The below is a list of all the events, as well as any extra details, such as whether the event is required for True End or not.

Event # Event Name Requirement Rewards TE Req? Other Comment
1 Santo Geani, the Companion Enter Brosste 2 No
2 Cruel Joel No
3 Sheritun de Mollet Guinea Arcane Tome 12
Beast Ring

Double Feather
Potent Herb x3
Moonlight Beauty

Yes Marie Event #5
4 Jeffen the Fraud No
5 Tegnieri's Cage Jeffen the Fraud Yes Special Battle #4 (Do Not Touch Augustine)
6 Disillusion of Oakseal Seiryu Sword
Soulseal Bangle

Illusion Bangle
Seed of Happiness

7 Dol Beil Memorial Ceremony Arcane Tome 13 No Raze Special Battle #1
8 The Peppy Incident Tegnieri's Cage No

[edit] Souls

Souls require a certain Search Level, the below table will list the souls that can be found in Brosste 2 as well as the Search Level requirements.

[edit] Enemies

Below is a list of all the enemies that can be found in this area. For a full list of enemies, check out the Bestiary

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