Brooste 3


[edit] Details

[edit] Tablets

There are a number tablets located in every world. These tablets more often than not block your path and can only be removed by viewing certain Events (more on this below). Below is a list of the tablets, as well as the contents of the tablets. Note that the final tablet in each area will not disappear, and will allow you to see how many souls you have gotten in an area and how many there are.

[edit] Recipe Preparation

    Did you mess it up AGAIN, Sis? Well don't worry. I have plenty more ingredients!
    Disappearing Event: Berrel Barrow Butchers

[edit] Turning Point

    Appearances can be deceiving, and the true mastermind is not always the loudest buffoon on stage. Sometimes the REAL star is still waiting behind the scenes...
    Disappearing Event: Berrel Barrow Butchers

[edit] Smooth Skin

    That was soo nice! I found a really great public bath near here.
    Disappearing Event: Dhali's False Report

[edit] True Dichotomy

    He is now quietly making his moves. How will he proceed?
    Disappearing Event: Smoke of Insegore

[edit] Today's Menu

    Now it's time to take in Noella's tomatoes (Don't steal!)

[edit] Events

There are numerous events that can be found and viewed in this world. Many of these requirements have pre-requisites, whether it's having a certain Search Level or having seen another Event. The below is a list of all the events, as well as any extra details, such as whether the event is required for True End or not.

Event # Event Name Requirement Rewards TE Req? Other Comment
1 Berrel Barrow Butchers Enter Brosste 3 No
2 Rotten Observatory of MuiMui Berrel Barrow Butchers No
3 Georgio Blazing Park Arcane Tome 14 No Raze Special Battle #2
4 Abandoned Wizard Arcane Tome 25 No
5 Dhali's False Report Abandoned Wizard No
6 Overwhelming Enea's Square Rotten Observatory of MuiMui Yes Marie Event #6
7 Nikran Fire Spot Yes Ayatane Event #4
8 Heliende Historical Museum No
9 Smoke of Insegore Nikran Fire Spot No
10 Rofia Spring Enter Fett Road
Do Not Exit Fett Road
Arcane Tome 22 Yes Hot Spring Event #4

[edit] Souls

Souls require a certain Search Level, the below table will list the souls that can be found in Brosste 3 as well as the Search Level requirements.

[edit] Enemies

Below is a list of all the enemies that can be found in this area. For a full list of enemies, check out the Bestiary

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