F-Enchant III

[edit] Skills List

This is a list of all the F-Enchant III Skills available in the game, and the requirements (if any):

Skill Name Learnt By AP Req Skill Req #1 Skill Req #2 Skill Req #3 Skill Req #4 Break Type Range Combo
Burst Down Break
Dark Ray Mimi Dark Flame Lvl. 7 Utter Strike Lvl. 7 Energy Drain Lvl. 7 Desperate Blow Lvl. 6 Down
Shadow Blade Morrigan Criminal Ecstasy Lvl. 5 Soul Fist Lvl. 5 Necro Desire Lvl. 4 Burst
Shadow Shurelia Primal Word Lvl. 6 A.B.R. Lvl. 6 Apostle of Mir Lvl. 5 ELMA-DS Lvl. 5 Break

[edit] Branch Combos

By combining certain skills, you can create a magnificant Branch Combos, these involve all characters that were used to create the branch combos and are more powerful than the skills on their own. Below you'll find a list of all the Branch Combo's that uses F-Enchant III skills. For more details such as power, click on the Branch Combo name, and take a look at the Arcane Tome section for a list of all Branch Combo's.

Combination Name Type Break Type Range Combo Count Magic Combo Burst Down Break
Grand Cross MagRank II Burst AttackRange 97.png 0 33 194 0 379
Avis Fear MagRank III Burst AttackRange 102.png 0 30 209 0 408
Ragnarok MagRank IV Down AttackRange 87.png 0 2 0 355 750
Cthuga MixRank II Down AttackRange 110.png 21 21 0 272 544
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