Zeine 1


[edit] Details


[edit] Tablets

There are a number tablets located in every world. These tablets more often than not block your path and can only be removed by viewing certain Events (more on this below). Below is a list of the tablets, as well as the contents of the tablets. Note that the final tablet in each area will not disappear, and will allow you to see how many souls you have gotten in an area and how many there are.

[edit] Seek out the Hidden

    Search the map to find hidden items and events. For example, take a look around this island by pressing the Square.gif button.
    Disappearing Event: Ancient Town of Myr

[edit] Search and Rescue

    Someone's calling for help out in the desert. Hurry up and help them!
    Disappearing Event: Ferna Sara

[edit] Release

    There's a mysterious light at the foot of the mountain...
    Disappearing Event: Len Forest

[edit] No Tablet Title

    If you want to avoid battle, I recommend using 'Serum Powder', although it's kind of expensive. But if you're way stronger than the monsters, you can just use 'Escape' instead. If you're low on money, try selling 'Ore' for some quick cash. And as we all know... (checking script) 'The more butt you kick, the stronger you get!' Oh, one more thing... (whispering) Try pressing Tri.gif button during an event.

[edit] Events

There are numerous events that can be found and viewed in this world. Many of these requirements have pre-requisites, whether it's having a certain Search Level or having seen another Event. The below is a list of all the events, as well as any extra details, such as whether the event is required for True End or not.

Event # Event Name Requirement Rewards TE Req? Other Comment
1 Ahn Noel Start Game No
2 Anfir Field Ahn Noel No
3 Ancient Town of Myr No
4 Nephysis Cliff No
5 Ferna Sara No
6 Len Forest No
7 Niu Spa Search Lvl. 6
Reach 2-3
Acane Tome 24 Yes Hot Spring Event #3

[edit] Souls

Souls require a certain Search Level, the below table will list the souls that can be found in Zeine 1 as well as the Search Level requirements.

[edit] Enemies

Below is a list of all the enemies that can be found in this area. For a full list of enemies, check out the Bestiary

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