Accessories Synthesis

Here is a list of all the Accessories that can be synthesised alongside the required Synthesis Recipe. Note that each synthesis item can require up to four synthesis materials. Click on the name of the Required Synthesis Item to see where to get the item from. If an Item is repeated over the Synthesis Item list, that means that more than one of that item is required (the number of times it's repeated reflects how many of the item are required).

[edit] Accessories Synthesis List

Accessories Name Cost Synthesis Item #1 Synthesis Item #2 Synthesis Item #3 Synthesis Item #4 Recipe Required Available to Buy? Converts To:
Power Ring 1250G Beast Charm Bone Synth Recipe 5 YES STR +15
Vitality Ring 1250G Poison Needle Crab Meat Synth Recipe 5 YES VIT +15
Speed Ring 1250G Beast Charm Merman Scale Synth Recipe 5 YES AGI +15
Wisdom Ring 1250G Magic Guide Fairy Powder Synth Recipe 5 YES INT +15
Luck Ring 1250G Small Fang Imp Horn Synth Recipe 5 YES LCK +15
Stone Ring 2500G Blue Stone Red Stone Black Stone Cowry Shell Synth Recipe 10 No Initiative
Feather Ring 2500G Speed Ring Fairy Powder Chicken Egg Contract Synth Recipe 10 No Cut Costs
Spiritual Charm 3000G Wisdom Ring White Fabric Amethyst Magatama Snakeskin Synth Recipe 10 No AP Recovery
Hawkeye 4000G Luck Ring Bug Whistle Dragon Wing Synth Recipe 15 No Accuracy Up
Sharp Sense 4000G Power Ring Beast Claw Bug Whistle Rose Quartz Synth Recipe 15 No Evasion Up
Samson's Ring 4000G Vitality Ring Green Fluid Heart Stone Synth Recipe 15 No HP Recovery 5%
Hercules' Ring 5000G Power Ring Lizard Tail Fire Crystal Synth Recipe 20 YES STR +30
Fortitude Ring 5000G Vitality Ring Bone Powder Earth Crystal Synth Recipe 20 YES VIT +30
Hurricane Ring 5000G Speed Ring Primary Feather Wind Crystal Synth Recipe 20 YES AGI +30
Sage Ring 5000G Wisdom Ring Fairy Wing Ice Crystal Synth Recipe 20 YES INT +30
Heaven's Luck 5000G Luck Ring Lucky Dagger Giant Tentacle Thunder Crystal Synth Recipe 20 YES LCK +30
Beast Ring 7000G Sharp Sense Old Leather Dragon Claw Beast Bone Synth Recipe 25 No Seal of Quality
Double Feather 7000G Feather Ring Monotone Wings Cockatrice Down Wing Charm Synth Recipe 25 No Cut Costs+
Soulpower Ring 9000G Spiritual Charm Rainbow Seashell Wood Spirit Crystal Power Stone Synth Recipe 25 No AP Recovery+
Ogre Ring 15000G Beast Ring Giant Bone Large Mallet Skull Synth Recipe 29 No Wooden Trunk
Dragon Ring 15000G Beast Ring Guardian Dragon Gem Blue Dragon Scale Sleep Flower Synth Recipe 29 No Dragon Head
Triple Feather 25000G Double Feather Eagle Wing Necklace Fine Pelt Thunder Wing Synth Recipe 34 No Cut Costs++
Hermes Ring 25000G Soulpower Ring Rainbow Fragment God of War's Arm Avalot Nut Synth Recipe 34 No AP Recovery++
Aura Ring 25000G Samson's Ring Rainbow Discus Fairy Ring Heart of Atlas Synth Recipe 34 No HP Recovery 10%
Clairvoyance 50000G Bird's Eye Hawkeye Large Cog Curse Stone Synth Recipe 39 No Accuracy Up+
Beast Sense 50000G Ogre Ring Dragon Ring Seal of Quality Hematite Synth Recipe 39 No Evasion Up+
Protection Ring 50000G Stone Ring Bloody Seal Balm of Kamaitachi Fruit of Temptation Synth Recipe 39 No Initiative+
Angel Wings 100000G Triple Feather Hermes Ring Angel Feather Heaven's Luck Synth Recipe 43 No AP Up
Angel Halo 100000G Wooden Trunk Wheel of Truth Angel Feather Charm Medicine Synth Recipe 43 No Action Protect
Sylph's Tear 17500G Lacrima Stone Ymir's Teardrop Wind Emerald Fairy Blood Synth Recipe 49 No Magic Up+
Prometheus Ring 17500G Aura Ring Protection Ring Hathword Coin Slime Core Synth Recipe 49 No HP Recovery 15%
Chicken Ring 17500G Chicken Emblem Rusty Blade Rusty Bracelet Rusty Ring Synth Recipe 49 No AP Damage Nullify
Stardust Tears 275000G Angel Wings Angel Halo Sylph's Tear Magic Drop Synth Recipe 55 No INT +50
Mighty Ring 275000G Clairvoyance Beast Sense Prometheus Ring Huge Emblem Synth Recipe 55 No HP +3000
Suzaku Ring 200000G Suzaku Ring Orichalcum Synth Recipe 56 No Vermillion Feather
Galaxy Champ 200000G Galaxy Champ Orichalcum Synth Recipe 56 No DEF +225
Floating Stone 555555G Floating Stone Orichalcum Synth Recipe 56 No Float
Heavenly Ring 655555G Mighty Ring Galaxy Champ Mysterious Treasure Sylph's Breath Synth Recipe 58 No
Princess Tiara 655555G Stardust Tears Coat of Arms Dragon Gem Princess Blood Synth Recipe 59 No
Topology Ribbon 655555G Dark Cloth Light Cloth B Parts Coffin of Joy Synth Recipe 61 No
Blue Water 655555G Vessel of Genbu Blue Dragon Eye Byakko Insignia Vemillion Feather Synth Recipe 64 No
Heavenly Charm 655555G Stardust Tears Mighty Ring Kennel Quartz Regien Ore Synth Recipe 68 No
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