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Upgrade: This option allows you to increase your item level (Weapon, Armor, Accessory) from 1 to 5 (max), by spending EP (Obtained from defeating enemies) Each level up increases the stats of an item (increases depend on the item), and can also raise the AP as well. (This gives you more at the start of a battle, which allows for more attacks)

An item highlighted in Blue means it is equipped to someone, although you can still increase its Level up to 5.

An item highlighted in Red means that it is at its max level (5), and cannot be upgraded further. (It can however be transformed)

Transforming an item:

This does NOT cost EP. Transforming items can result in - A. Synthesis Material B. Active Skills C. Not sure what to call them, they're like little bags that say Atk + 50 or HP + 200, etc.

Note: To see what an item converts into, be in the Upgrade or Synthesis Menu and press R2 (twice).

Note: To gain the effects of the items mentioned in category C, go to your menu (Triangle), click Equipment, (Make sure you have an Accessory (and) or a ring equipped. (these 2 defense slots under the weapon are where you allocate your armor/etc.

Each Armor / Defensive item (Ring, Bracelet, Garmet, etc. has a certain number of slots that you can equip the Category C items in. (You can see how many slots by pressing Triangle while the Defensive armor is selected)

So you'll want to press R1 and get to the 3rd Tab in the same area that you equipped your weapons/defensive items. This is where you will find "Empty" or a - (The - indicates that the space cannot be used). Click "Empty" and then select one of the category C items (Let's say HP + 500), your character now has 500 more HP!

I know it's a little confusing but just read it over and fool around for a little bit, you'll understand what I'm saying after that.

Items that transfer into Synthesis Matierials can be used for Synthesis, which will be covered shortly.

Items that Transfer into Active Skills are extremely useful and can have a variety of effects, such as increasing resistance to certain elements, or decreasing AP cost (so you can attack more), or increasing AP gain rate per turn.

Note: These Active Skills are equipped in the same way as mentioned above (The C Category Items)

Moving on to Synthesis:

Synthesis Materials are acquired mainly through defeating monsters (Overkill helps gain extra items). Synthesis Materials are obtained by upgrading items to level 5 and then transforming them. (Remember, you can see what an item transforms into before even wasting any EP on it).

Making new Weapons, Defensive Items, and Recovery/Misc. items through synthesis is essential, as the shop never updates. (Most items that you create through synthesis will then appear in the shop).

Note: New Synthesis Items usually require weapons and misc items.

Important Note: I recommend holding on to everything. Cash can be hard to get at first, but dont be tempted to sell anything, no matter how much it's worth. It doesnt hurt to hold on to all your old equipment, because that's often how you'll end up making new items.

Note: Weapons and defensive items do not have to be upgraded before Synthesis. (Healing and Misc items cannot be upgraded at all)

Finally, Composition:

Composition is also important. In the status window of an item, you'll see it's "GRADE". Grade is important as well. Most items that you obtain from defeating monsters can be used for Synthesis, but they can also be used for Composition.

Each item gives special bonuses to a weapon or defensive equipment. Let's take a "Bandage" for instance. It doesnt cost too much Grade, and it raises the defense of the selected item by a few points. The better the item increases the stats, the more Grade it will cost. A Weapon only has a max grade potential, and once it is used up, you cannot add any more composition items to it. This does, however, increase your stats a decent amount, if used effectively.

Note: To add item(s) to Composition of a weapon/defensive item, Press X to select it, then scroll down the list of items you have to choose from. You'll be able to see what stat(s), and by how much an item increases, as well as the grade cost. (Press R1 to add items to the composition)

Note: You can add multiple of the same item, just press OK when you're ready.

Note: If you synthesize and item after you have used composition materials, the materials will be lost.

Note: You can reset an item to get your item's Grade back to Full, but you will lose any composition items in the process.

Note: Most composition items are also items used for Synthesis, so keep this in mind before stuffing your equipment full of things you might find hard to obtain later on.

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